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Interpretive Figure Study by Vlarg Interpretive Figure Study by Vlarg
This was yet another assignment in my Figure Drawing class at Ball State University. This was the final piece of the series that was started by the outlines of the feet.

Let me state for the record... I D I D T H I S L O N G B E F O R E I T O O K A N Y J A P A N E S E ! ! !

Believe me...I'm embarassed about that's out...let me talk about it...

The assignment was "Fill a 10"x10" space (counting the border) with something that's loosely related to figure. Make it interpretive and different..." I used a Zig brand size 03 pen to outline this copy of Hokusai's "Great Wave off Kanagawa" (one of my personal favorites) and I colored it in with simple markers. I modeled the slight hint of a hand in the wave. Which is why the Kanji (When taken by themselves...God I'm such an idiot...say "Big" "Strong" "Water" and "Hand" yeah...I'm a dumb-arse) The characters are laid on via printed transparencies between the acetate and the drawing under the matte...but anyway...

...the thing to the top left is Hokusai's "signature" in kanji and my own last name written in katakana. (toshirogu)

So please...forgive the bad Japanese. Gomenasai to sumimasen! Watashi wa baka da yo!

Dimensions: 10"x10"
Canvas: Hot Press Illustration Board
Media: Zig Pens, Gallery Brand Markers (thing things RUN if you get them wet, so watch out!), prismacolors, and transparencies
joliephotographie Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2005
It's alright. I'm Japanese and I wish I could speak for the entire Japanese race but I'm only half and besides I'm never would be considered a good representative but that's besides the point.

The Japanese is fine. Choppy but not much worse then mine. I speak better french then I do Japanese and I've been taking that for five+ years.
Vlarg Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
::Blushes:: Thank you very much for the kindness...I feel better now. I speak better French than Japanese as well, I've had 3 years of French but only one of Japanese. I'd love to be fluent in both...but I've never even been on an airplane, and true fluency takes immersion. Though I must admit, I'd rather go to Japan than France. ::Wink::

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January 30, 2005
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